Elite Private Lessons

Monster Skatepark offers private coaching for Advanced and Elite level atheltes. These lessons are for atheltes specifically working on advanced tricks and will need approval from the Monster Skatepark team to book. 

We are currently offering Elite Skateboard coaching with two Elite Coaches for participants to choose from: 

Brandon Loupos

Monster Skatepark Graduate Brandon Loupos is in Sydney for a limited time and coaching advanced BMX lessons. 

One of Australia’s top BMX riders, some of Brandon’s accomplishments include:

  • 2020 Chimera A-Side Champion
  • 2019 BMX Freestyle UCI World Champion
  • 2019 Urban World Games – Gold
  • 2019 X Games – Silver 
  • 2018 X Games – Gold 
  • Scoring the highest BMX Park run in history

Brandon is welcoming lessons with BMX riders of all levels. Book in now for this limited opportunity! 

Lachie Abbott

Long time Monster Skatepark skater Lachie Abbott specialises in vert clinics and coaching our advanced skaters in the Thursday Session and Sunday Session.

One of Sydney’s top skaters, some of Lachie’s recent accomplishments include:

  • 2022 Belco Jam – 1st in High Air
  • 2022 Belco Jam – 3rd in Men’s Park
  • 2022 ‘Mona Madness’ Vert Competition – 1st in Men’s Opens
  • 2021 ‘Drop in for Youth’ Vert Competition – 1st in Men’s Opens

Lachie specialises in coaching vert, park and bowl skating.

**Skaters must be able to drop-in all Monster ramps (minus vert) suficiently for lessons with Lachie. If you are looking for lessons to learn to drop-in the vert ramp you may book with him**

Jarryd Hughes

Professional snowboarder Jarryd Hughes is coaching Elite Skateboard lessons here at Monster Skatepark. 

Some of Jarryd’s accomplishments include: 

  •  2022, 2018 and 2016 Olympic Games Team Member
  • 2018 Olympic Silver Medal in Snowboardcross
  • 2016 X Games Gold in Snowboardcross
  • 2021 FIS World Champion
  • 2014 FIS Jr. World Champion

Jarryd specialises in coaching vert skating, specifically working on teaching kids to spin (ex. 540 prep work). 

**Athletes must be able to drop-in the vert ramp sufficiently by themselves before booking lessons with Coach Jarryd**