Monster has been designed and built by Australian Ramp Design in consultation with top skaters and BMXers. Tested and given the massive thumbs up by Skateboarders Bucky Lasek & Corbin Harris, BMXers Brandon Loupos & Mike Daly and Scooter Riders Ryan Williams & Dakota Schuetz

All the ramps are covered in hARD, an international comp-styled surface that delivers a fast and smooth ride (and dries quickly in the wet). The steel structures and construction method means the ramps are portable and can be changed.


14 1/2 ft high, 68ft wide featuring an extension on one side and two monster roll-ins on the other, one 18 1/2 ft and the other 21 1/2 ft. This international competition-sized beast is the only vert ramp of this size in the country.

The ramp is the centrepiece of the park and has been built to support and encourage vert ramp riding.

The flat bottom of the ramp is also used to teach kids to ‘pump’ across the smooth wide surface in the Academy lesson programs.


Two adjacent six foot mini ramps connected by a spine, a street spine and a roll through.

This mini ramp is a playground for mini and park skaters alike with an 8 ft extension, 10 ft over-vert and a bank section with rails on the wide platform.